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Street-Food Classics

What Are We About?

…are small, local, independent & do things our way
…make exciting multi-cultural fusion street-food
…cook uncompromisingly & only in small batches
…use only fresh, high-quality ingredients
…source locally wherever possible
…do not deep-fry or use heavy grease
…cook healthily with reduced fat, sugar & salt
…engage with you to know your tastes
…are always courteous
…cook for you with pride & passion
…tantalise your taste buds with flavoursome food
…we make yummy, delicious & nutritious meals
…welcome you to the Yankeeshire Diner!

What About the Food?

You can find our full range of food by clicking the link below.

Fun 'n' Funky Retro Events

Private Hire

Organising that special birthday or anniversary or looking to entertain your staff, guests or family in the Summer Sun, then we can help. The possibilities are endless! We just can't guarantee the weather!

Disco on Wheels

Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere. Our mobile Disco ‘n’ DJ Truck is a unique way to celebrate your special occasion (corporate or private). The ultimate party experience is hosted by DJ Kuuk & his side-kick Terry T.

Desserts 'n' Coffee

Our retro mobile Coffee 'n' Dessert Truck is the ideal one-stop solution for any corporate or private event whether it be a festival, film location, school fundraiser, garden or outdoor party, product-launch, team-building, sports event…we can be there for you!

Mascot Appearance

Terry, our resident tiger & mascot loves to party. Why not add him to the guest list & turn up the heat for your next event.

Personalised Dining

Enjoy a private and exclusive personalised dining experience with an incredible evening of sheer indulgence in Yankeeshire at our ‘secret and hidden’ diner - totally & solely for you & your guests.

Unique Learning Experiences

Lifestyle, Health & Wellbeing Workshops

We offer various workshops that cover a comprehensive range of topics that have been designed to encourage you & your family to make positive lifestyle changes in an engaging & fun manner.

Foodspirational Cookery Classes

“… No one is born a great cook; one learns by doing". Join one of our classes & learn how to make stress-free knockout dishes that will ‘wow’ your family & friends.

Get the book..."Grub from a Truck"

Written with his own distinctive spin, “Grub from a Truck” is the much-anticipated debut offering from author Hassan Ahmed. It's a jam-packed cookbook with over 275 diverse, dazzling, and downright delectable recipes of exciting comfort street-food classics enjoyed every day by generations of people the world over as well as more modern fusion food creations…but with a 'healthy' twist!