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Recipes Inspired by Food Journeys Across the Big Pond & Beyond!

Street-Food Classics with a 'Healthy' Twist...Now That's Magic to My Ears!

FrOatz Sundaes

You'll soon get hooked on FrOatz! Our own all-natural signature recipe created in Lancashire, is ideal as a 'grab & go' breakfast, dessert or as a pre/post-workout snack. Both delicious & healthy, it's the perfect blend of the best ‘A-list’ ingredients - HIGH in protein, quality carbs, LOW in fat & NO ADDED sugar.

    Apple ‘n’ Blueberry Crunch
    Apple ‘n’ Cinnamon Crunch
    Apricot ‘n’ Cranberry Crunch
    Chocolate Decadence Clusters
    Golden Tropical Fruit Clusters
    Honey ‘n’ Peanut Crunch
    Maple ‘n’ Pecan Crunch
    Raisin ‘n’ Almond Clusters
    Strawberry ‘n’ White Chocolate
    Very Berry Crunch

Sizzling Breakfast Wraps

Wake up your taste buds with our Stateside stuffed, healthy & filling wraps.

    THE PORTLAND VEGGIE WRAP (v): Eggs, beans, veggies & fried onions
    THE NEW YORK YELLOW CAB WRAP: Eggs, sausages, tomato, fried onions & melted cheese
    THE ROUTE 66 BANGER: Sausage overload, fried onions, mushrooms & tomato
    THE EMPIRE STATE ‘BIG’ BREAKFAST: Sausages, melted cheese, hash brown, battered onion rings, tomato, grilled onions & mushrooms
    THE ‘OUT FOR NOWT’ EAST LANCS BREKKY: Sausages, melted cheese, potato cake, battered onion rings, tomato, fried onions & mushrooms
Breakfast Wraps

The BIG Brew!

It's a hug in a mug! Columbian Supremo speciality coffees, English tea or marshmallow topped creamy hot chocolate.

    CAFE AMERICANO: Columbian supremo coffee with hot water
    CAFE LATTE: Columbian supremo coffee, steamed milk & topped with a cloud of hot foam milk
    FROTHY CAPPUCCINO: Columbian supremo coffee, steamed milk, a dab of foam & topped with chocolate shavings
    SPECIAL SYRUP COFFEECCINO: Columbian supremo coffee, your choice of syrup, steamed milk, topped with whipped cream & drizzled with toffee/chocolate sauce
    BLACK TEA: Served on its own or with milk or lemon
    GREEN TEA: A light, fragrant tea described as the healthiest beverage on the planet
    LUXURY HOT CHOCOLATE: Chocolate, steamed milk, whipped cream, marshmallows, chocolate sauce & shavings
The Big Brew

All American Burgerz 'n' Dogz

The iconic smell of 'The Big Apple', our natural 90% beef burgers & plump ‘n’ juicy hot dogs are grilled to order & finished with classic US toppings & sauces. Veggie 'n' Pescy options available.

    THE COWBOY BURGER: Beef patty, cheese, grilled onions, ketchup & mustard
    TEXAS ‘SMOKY’ BURGER: Beef patty, cheese, sliced sausage, crisp lettuce, tomato, our home-blend burger sauce, crispy onion rings, pickles & topped off with zesty hickory smoke BBQ sauce
    LOADED NACHO BURGER: Tabasco splashed beef patty, cheese, guacamole, crisp lettuce, sliced onions topped with spicy nachos & jalapeños
    LANCASHIRE ‘COBBLED’ STREET BURGER: Beef patty, cheese, toasted Lancashire potato cake, battered onion rings, sautéed mushrooms, grilled onions, crisp lettuce, tomato, our home-blend burger sauce & topped off with zingy peri-peri sauce
    ALL-AMERICAN DOG: Dog, ketchup, mustard, mayo & diced onions
    WEST COAST DOG: Dog, salsa, diced onions, sweetcorn & red pepper relish
    CONEY ISLAND DOG: Dog, seasoned chilli beef, cheddar cheese & diced onions
    VEGAS VEGGIE/BEANBURGER (v): A golden bread crumbed mixed bean/vegetable burger with mayo, crisp lettuce, tomato & our home-blend burger sauce
    DETROIT FALAFEL DOG (v): Baked falafel balls, diced onions, sweetcorn & red pepper relish
    FLORIDA MARINE BURGER: Delicate, breaded fish fillet baked golden with cheese, crisp lettuce, tomato & tangy tartar sauce

Kati Rolls

A street-food staple in Bangladesh. A soft and flaky paratha jam-packed with your choice of spicy fillings & drizzled with chutney sauce.

    THE ‘ORIGINAL’ KOLKATA ROLL: Lamb seekh kebabs
    THE CHITTAGONG ROLL: Chicken seekh kebabs
    THE SYLHET ROLL: Stir-fried keema & peas in a thick curry sauce
    THE COX’S BAZAR ROLL: Crispy panko fish strips, light coleslaw & a dollop of tartar sauce
    THE DHAKA ROLL: Crispy panko chicken strips in a thick curry sauce
    THE NOAKHALI ROLL: Grilled & smashed beef patty, mustard, ketchup & cheese
    THE KHULNA ROLL (v): Baked falafels with a dollop of smoked hummus
Kati Rolls

Rice 'n' Noodles

South-Asian style rice or noodles wok-tossed in our special soy sauce & Oriental spice blend along with spring onions, an array of fresh seasonal vegetables & your selected protein.

    SPECIAL FRIED RICE/NOODLES: Our Indo-Chinese house speciality; a combo of chicken, beef patty, lamb seekh kebab & veggies
Fried Rice

El Grande Burritos

"Beans, Rice & Everything Nice"...a real Mexican classic! A flour tortilla stuffed with your protein choice, grains, refried beans, seasonal veggies, golden savoury rice, cheese, crispy fried onions then topped with our house sauces & crunchy tortilla chips.

    SMOKY CHIPOTLE EL GARBANZO (v): Baked Mexican falafels smothered with smoky chipotle hummus
    EL POLLO ‘TINGA’: Chicken marinated in a traditional chipotle & sweet tomato ‘tinga’ sauce
    EL TORO COCIDO: A 90% gourmet beef patty smashed & mixed with aromatic spices
    THE SPEEDY GONZALEZ: Char-grilled lamb seekh kebabs sliced & mixed with our in-house spice blend
    EL CLASICO CHILI CON CARNE: Chilli con carne; a spiced stew of ground beef, minced chillies & kidney beans

Waffles 'n' Pancakes

With a stack of choices, desserts couldn't be more tempting! From the deep, crisp & honeycomb texture of Belgian waffles to the fluffy & golden delicacy of French pancakes (crêpes), our heavenly delights are sure to satisfy your sweet cravings!

    LE CLASSIQUE: Nothing fancy… just sugar & lemon
    LA LEGENDE: A plain & simple tradition…maple syrup
    THE NUTTY PROFESSOR: Nutella, strawberries & chocolate sauce
    ROCKY ROAD: Fudge, marshmallows, choc chip cookies & chocolate sauce
    STRAWBERRY SUNDAE: Strawberries, white chocolate, strawberry & chocolate sauces
    THE COOKIE MONSTER: Crushed Oreos, cookies, choc chips, toffee & chocolate sauces
    THE CHUNKY MONKEY: Bananas, fudge, dulce de leche, toffee & chocolate sauces
    CHOCOLATE DECADENCE: Mini chocolate classics drizzled with chocolate sauce
    MEXICAN CHURRO: Salted dulce de leche, cinnamon sugar & chocolate sauce
    L’ARTISTE: Wanna be creative & custom design your own…go ahead!

Real Old-Fashioned Malts 'n' Shakes

Indulge in a nostalgic American ‘Happy Days’ diner shake! Ice-cream, fresh milk, retro flavours, mix-ins, whipped cream, syrup & sprinkles…ice-cold & deliciously thick for you to enjoy!

    Want it ludicrously thick & rich… ADD a slice of our famous TOFFEE or STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE!
    Ooh ah, a little bit more! Convert it to a CHOCOLATE BAR shake:

Rice 'n' Naughty Puddings

Our vintage, creamy & comforting dessert comes straight out of my granny's kitchen in Ireland but with a twist of styles & combinations.

    STICKY TOFFEE CAFE MOCHA: Coffee, chocolate, toffee, cocoa
    DON’T FLAP ABOUT: Flapjacks, brownies, toffee
    YOU’RE MY HERO: Heroes chocolate box selection
    THE CHEEKY MONKEY: Nutella, bananas, fudge, toffee
    OH, OH! OREO: Oreo, brownies, chocolate
    ROCKY ROAD: Nutella, cookies, fudge, marshmallow, chocolate
    RED SKY AT NIGHT: Strawberries, white chocolate
    THE TRADITIONAL ONE: Flapjacks, raisins, nutmeg, golden syrup
Rice Pudding

Creamy Cheesecakes

It’s how we started…our deliciously divine family-sized cheesecakes come in a variety of tantalising American & Continental flavours. A warning though - they will attract company!
(Only available for Pre-Order)

    BANOFFEE: Nutella, banana, fudge & toffee
    OLD TIMER TREAT: Butterscotch, chewy flapjacks & fudge
    CRUNCHY OREO: Nutella, Oreos & fudgy brownies
    KINDER SURPRISE: Nutella, Kinder Bueno & a mystery chocolate mini
    ROCKY ROAD: Nutella, choc-chip cookies, fudge & marshmallow
    SALTED CARAMEL PIE: Nutella, caramel, fudge & sea salt
    CHOCOLATE BOX DELIGHT: Nutella & traditional chocolate minis
    FOR THE ONE ‘N’ ONLY: White chocolate & strawberries
    ZESTY SICILIAN LEMON: Lemon curd & jelly tots

Ice-Cream Rolls

A sensational frozen dessert from the streets of Thailand that has captivated the world. Starting with a creamy vanilla base, we then add your mix-ins before the 'live' magic begins. Finally garnished with toppings & drizzled with sauce!
(Only available for Private Events)

    CARAMEL FRAPPUCCINO: Coffee, chocolate, caramel
    JACK ‘N’ JILL: Flapjacks, brownies
    LET’S CELEBRATE: Celebration chocolate box surprise
    THE NUTTY MONKEY: Nutella, bananas, fudge, toffee
    OREOS ‘N’ CREAM: Oreo, brownies
    ROCKY ROAD: Nutella, cookies, fudge, marshmallow, chocolate
    SHEPHERD’S DELIGHT: Strawberries, cheesecake, white chocolate
    IT’S KIND-ER GOOD: Nutella, Kinder Bueno
    CREATION DAY: Design your own…add a chocolate bar!
Ice-Cream Rolls

Cheesecake Muffins

"Once upon a time I ate a muffin smothered in cream cheese and loved it. The end!"
(Only available for Pre-Order)

    FIRST choose your muffin: BLUEBERRY or TRIPLE CHOCOLATE
    NOW decide on your cheesecake smothering & toppings:
    Black Forest Butterscotch & Fudge Bubbly Honeycomb Crunch Chocolate Pecan Pie Churro Chocolate Soft Serve Dulce De Leche Pumpkin Spice Over the Rainbow Peanut Butter Fudge Coffee Salted Caramel & Pretzel S’mores Strawberry & Chocolate Zesty Lemon
Cheesecake Muffins

Themed Menus for Private Events

Mexican Eats

"Life without Mexican food is like no life at all!"

From Italy, with Love!

"There's nothing more romantic than Italian food!"

Passage to India

"Life is like Indian food, both are tasteless without spices!"

Afternoon Tea Platters

"Nothing beats a cup of tea, good company and a truly scrumptious Afternoon Tea platter!"

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